All of our surgeons are Board Certified and have expertise in a wide variety of surgical procedures. We specialize in laparoscopic and advanced laparoscopic procedures. These include laparoscopic surgery for gallbladder, hiatal hernia, ventral and groin hernia, spleen, stomach, intestines, lung, and Lap-Band for obesity.
We also have expertise in many of the most advanced surgical procedures offered anywhere. These include breast procedures such as Ultrasound-guided breast biopsy in the office, computer guided Stereotactic breast biopsy, Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy, and Sentinel Lymph Node biopsy and a full array of surgical procedures for treatment of breast cancer. We perform the revolutionary PPH procedure for hemorrhoids, and radio-guided surgery for parathyroid disease, to name a few.
We offer a full spectrum of treatment for a wide variety of cancers, such as breast, colon, lung, thyroid, stomach, skin, melanoma, and others. Your cancer treatment is coordinated with other experts in medical and radiation oncology to ensure you receive the most advanced treatment available, without having to travel to a distant city or location.
We perform a wide variety of vascular (blood vessel) procedures, including carotid artery, aneurysm, and bypass of blood vessel blockages (except heart). We perform pediatric surgery (surgery on children), thoracic (surgery of the chest and lungs), and trauma surgery. For a more complete list of procedures we perform, please see the list below:

Hernia Repair
GERD/Hiatal Hernia
Colon Surgery
Incisional Hernia
Solid Organ Surgery

 - Stomach Cancer
 - Colon Cancer
 - Thyroid

  - Thyroid
  - Parathyroid