• What are the advantages of laparoscopic surgery?

    There are many advantages over traditional open surgery. People who undergo laparoscopic procedures often have a shorter hospitalization. On average 1 to 2 days for laparoscopic versus 5 to 7 days for open surgery. Also, since laparoscopy utilizes much smaller incisions, the risk of wound infection is less and consequently the risk of hernia formation is less. While postoperative pain is different for everybody, patients often report much less pain after laparoscopy.

  • What are the complications associated with laparoscopic surgery?

    The most frequent complications of any operation are bleeding and infection. There is a small risk of other complications that include, but are not limited to, injury to the abdominal organs, intestines, urinary bladder or blood vessels. As with any laparoscopic procedure, there is a chance of “conversion” to the open procedure. Most often this occurs to people that have had many previous abdominal surgeries and have a lot of scar tissue. In the hands of experienced laparoscopic surgeons conversion to open is very rare.

  • What surgical procedures does Dalton Surgical offer?

    Please see the full list of procedures on our website.

  • Is my surgery covered by insurance?

    We accept insurance from several insurance providers. See the full list.

  • How long until I can have my surgery?

    Your date of surgery will be determined by you and your surgeon after you initial consultation.

  • Where will I have my surgery?

    Dalton Surgical currently perform surgery at: Hamilton Medical Center, Hamilton Ambulatory Surgery Center, and Erlanger at Hutcheson Hospital in Fort Oglethorpe.

  • Will I need anaesthesia?

    Diagnostic laparoscopy and hernia repairs can be done under local anaesthesia but the other procedures will require general anesthesia.

  • Is the pain similar to "open" procedures?

    Laparoscopic surgery is not “pain-less”, but rather “less-pain”. In traditional open surgery, often a large 6 to 8 inch incision is made on the abdomen. During laparoscopic surgery, 4 to 6 quarter-inch incisions are made on the abdomen. These incisions allow special instruments to be placed in to the abdominal cavity that will allow the surgeon to complete the case.

  • What can I expect after surgery?

    Most people go home within 1-2 days (depending on the procedure performed). When you go home you will have some soreness around the incisions; this is normal. Your pain will get better every day, even though you may still need to take oral pain relievers. You will be able to shower (no baths/pools/soaking in water for 10-14 days). You will be able to go up and down stairs and you will be able to drive when you feel up to it, as long as you are not on narcotic pain relievers. You will receive detailed postoperative instructions as well as contact information. We are available 24 hours a day even after you go home.